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Villas For Sale In Javea

Less than 30% of Spaniards live in a villa as their primary residence, with most people living in apartments. Spain is a profoundly urbanized society with a large territory, much of which remains undeveloped.

The construction of large apartment blocks flourished under Franco, who ruled Spain from 1939 to 1975. During Franco’s reign, many Spaniards moved from rural areas to the cities, where there were more and better job opportunities.

However, in coastal resorts such as Javea, villas or townhouses are the preferred type of housing for expats, and also in demand by Spaniards who are looking for a second home, which is typically used at weekends and holidays.

Our villas for sale in Javea come in all sizes with prices to suit most budgets. You’ll find small a considerable choice on our books from small one or two-bedroom “casitas” in need of renovation to vast luxury homes with up to seven bedrooms and multiple bathrooms.

The majority of Javea villas for sale have a private garden and pool, but we also have a choice of villas without a pool for those who prefer a lower-maintenance home.

With property market prices still comparatively low compared to the pre-pandemic prices of 2020, 2022 still offers you the opportunity to find a dream home at an accessible price on the Costa Blanca.

Please contact us for more details about any listing or for individual property search help.

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