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Traffic Fines in Spain – How To Avoid Them

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In recent years, it seems that the number of fines issued for offenses such as parking badly, or speeding have risen sharply in Spain, and the amount of the fine is often quite out of proportion considering the offense committed. For example, even if you only exceed the speed limit by 1 km/h you could be fined around €400 and have three points taken off your license.

Needless to say, this is a situation nobody wants to be in, so make sure you are aware of the local laws when staying in your Javea property to avoid such a scenario.

In Spain you will find sometimes the speed limits on certain stretch of road change rapidly. For example, you may be on a straight road that is designed to cater for quite heavy traffic with a 120 km/h speed limit. Suddenly for no apparent reason, the speed limit will drop to 80 km/h, then just as suddenly rise to 100 km/h, again with no apparent reason.

If this is done for a genuine unseen reason, or to trap drivers and gain revenue in speeding fines, who knows, but the fact is it exists on many roads in Spain, so you do need to be very aware of the maximum speed signs and adapt your speed accordingly and quickly.

Parking is another area where local town halls seem to target visitors who often park in no parking zones due to lack of clarification by the town halls. Again, if this is done by design or inadvertently, we cannot say for sure, but one thing is certain – it does not encourage tourists to revisit the town when they have to pay a hefty €120 fine while on holiday to retrieve a vehicle that has been towed by the local police because it was parked in a no-parking area that was not clearly marked.

If you are unsure if you can park in a certain spot, the best thing is to simply move on. Parking in resorts can be a nightmare during the summer months, and having a 10 minute walk into town is far better than having your stay ruined by hefty parking fines.

If you hire a car during your stay in Spain don’t think you are exempt from traffic fines. The car rental company will receive the fine and pass the charge onto you, and also most likely charge additional administration costs of around 30 Euros on top of the fine.

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