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Building Plots For Sale In Javea

There are two principal types of land for sale in Spain, “urbano” which is generally intended for building upon, and “rustico” which is for agricultural purposes. You will hear English speakers using the words urban and rustic to define these categories.

You may find urban land advertised for sale that is located in rural areas, close to a village, for example. This type of land is also sold in undeveloped areas that are intended for expansion. So, in Spain, the word urban is not always limited to urban areas as we use it in English.

Occasionally, you’ll find a plot of rustic land where construction is permitted, and if buying urban land, don’t just assume you can build, you still need to seek professional advice before buying. With both types of land, there are local building rules and regulations to consider. Local town halls may decipher the Spanish law in their own way and, in some instances, oppose laws set by the regional authority.

Therefore, you have to get the legalities right and hire a local professional to make sure the land you are interested in is viable for the type of construction you wish to build.

The benefit of buying a plot of land in Javea over an already built villa is you can design your new home from scratch, with every aspect exactly as you specify. Although building a home in Spain does require a lot of preparation and paperwork, the enormous satisfaction gained when you complete a new build makes the process very rewarding.

We have a large selection of Javea plots for sale in varied stages of development, including plots with granted building permits.

Contact us for more information on buying land ready for construction.

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