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Driving In Spain – The Basics

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If your car carries a UK registration plate, and you plan on spending more than six months out of any year in Spain you must register your car with the Spanish authorities and change your license plate. This can be quite costly, and like with many things in Spain it will involve a lot of paperwork, and some people find a better solution is simply to purchase a runaround car for the time they spend in Spain.

If you decide to import your vehicle from the UK you will be liable to pay a registration tax, road tax, plus VAT.

Some right-hand drive vehicles may not be legible for registration in Spain, namely vehicles used for commercial purposes.

If you spent under six months a year in Spain you can drive your UK vehicle on UK license plates, providing your car is compliant with all UK requirements, and carries a minimal of third-party insurance, has passed the UK MOT, and is taxed.

When driving in Spain, apart from carrying the relevant insurance and registration papers for the vehicle, you must also make sure you have your driving license on you, plus your NIE card if applicable, or other photo ID, ideally your passport.

Should you receive a fine for a traffic violation in Spain, such as parking incorrectly or speeding, you can pay online by visiting this link.

Alternatively visit the local police station, who will also be able to advise you or accept the money for your fine.

If you feel you were wrongly fined you may appeal by contacting the provincial traffic office or Jefatura Provincial de Trafico where your fine was issued. However be warned, that this can be a lengthy process and in many cases the more cost-effective solution is simply paying the fine.

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